Making of "Draven`s Light" book cover art

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you some "behind the scenes" images of the process of making a book cover photo illustration.

 For this first post I`ve chosen Draven`s Light by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. She was looking for a fantasy cover with a darker mood and she had two concept ideas for the cover art.   

So I have started looking for the perfect images to bring her vision to life. These are the images I`ve used on the cover:

(the hero is a stock image from deviantart . The rest of the files are from

And this is how they are looking when stacked together:

Not too impressive... I know. But useful during the first stages of the design to decide the final composition of the artwork.

And this is when the magical part happens :) The hero should be holding a candle and not be holding any weapons.  Also the cave should look dark and cold.

After blending, painting, adding and removing elements this is how the final image looks: 

Draven's Light cover.jpg